What is a press release                                                                 

A press release or news release is a written statement addressed to the media. It is considered the most fundamental PR tool. Topicscompanies tend to cover in press releases include information about new products and services, innovations,technical developments, and customer cases.

Structure of a press release


The headline is the most important part of the press release. It should directly grab the reader’s attention. The headline should be brief, clear, compelling, and express the key message of the press release. 


The press release’s introduction is the leading part of the text, which includes the first paragraph. This part of the press release should sum up the story, and the rest of the text should elaborate on it. The editor will most probably not read the rest of the press release if the introduction does not provoke interest. 

It is highly recommended that you provide only facts in this part of the press release without emphasizing marketing and promotional information. Editors who must decide which press release should be published are only interested in providing their audiences with the proper material rather than promoting the services and products of a company.


While writing the press release, try to answer these questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? 

These points should be covered when answering the questions:

  • Clear identification of the actual news 
  • Why is this news (what new, important information does it provide to readers and decision-makers)
  • Issues related to the news (new products, services, promotions, collaborations, innovations, etc.)
  • The purpose of the news release
  • Information about the company providing the news 

The body of the press release can be divided into paragraphs with sub-headings that define the logical parts of the text. 

Company information

Company information is placed after the body of the press release. The title of this section can be “About Company_name”, and it should have the same format as the headings in the body of the press release (general style of the press release text in bold).

Company information should provide a brief, comprehensive overview of the company’s field of operation and policy. This information can be taken from previously written materials.  

Image captions

In this section, captions for all images should be identified. Each separate caption should have a title, such as “Caption N” with the company copyright mentioned at the end if necessary.

Contact information

Contact information must be limited and specific to the particular press release. If your company has a PR or marketing department, contact information for that department should be included. If not, you must appoint a person to take responsibility for communicating with the press in case you are contacted.

Contact details should include:

  • Company’s official name
  • Local contact person’s name and/or a person with technical knowledge of the product/service presented in the press release
  • Contact person’s title
  • Company’s office address
  • Telephone and fax numbers with proper country codes
  • Mobile telephone number (if necessary)
  • E-mail address
  • Company website

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