FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1.1. What is My Desk?

My Desk is where you can get creative! Here you can design your press campaign. You can upload texts, translations and images. Once you are happy with the result, you can proceed by selecting the media to which you want to send your news.


1.2. What do I need in order to send a press release?

In order to send out your news, you need three key elements: the text of your press release, some eye catching images and a media list. Including images is optional but highly recommended as it supports your text and grabs the readers’ attention. 

1.3. Do I need to follow a certain order?

B2B Press is smart and flexible. You can choose the order in which you work on your press campaign. On My Desk you can view your progress and the items you have uploaded. Whenever you are ready, you can move on to the next steps- choosing the desired timing, payment and distribution of your news. 

1.4. What is My Resources?

Under My Resources you can find all media lists, texts and pictures that you have saved in B2B PRESS. You can edit them or re-use them in your following press campaigns. You can apply one or several media lists and pictures to a single text.

2.1. What is a Media list?

This is the list of media to which you want to send your press release. You select your media according to country and industry. You can choose multiple countries and industries to target your audience in the best way possible. You can add and delete media until you are happy with your selection. Simply expand the media list to view all publications and remove the ones you do not want to include.

2.2. How to create my Media list?

You create your media list in My Desk, by clicking the “Create new media list” button. When selecting your media, the first thing you choose is the countries which you want to target.

After you have chosen all countries of interest, you can proceed to selecting of the industries which you are focused on.

2.3. How does the geographical selection function?

The geographical selection enables you to better target your audience. You can select countries and separate regions. You can choose any combination of countries and regions you want. The more countries you select, the broader media selection you will get. The language requirements depend on the list of chosen countries. 

2.4. How does the industry selection function?

All trade media are categorized by content and given a unique code. You can select one or multiple industries of interest. Each industry category is divided to several subcategories. You can expand the menu and view all subcategories by clicking on the main category.

This allows you to target better your media selection and reach the right audience. 

2.5. Can I save the media list for later?

Yes you can! To be able to easily recognize the content of the media list, give it a descriptive title. You can view all your lists in My resources on the My Desk page.

2.6. Will my saved media lists be updated when new magazines are published and others cease to exist?

Yes. B2B automatically updates your list according to our database. Newly added magazines to our database will be added to your media list if they belong to the industries that you have selected. If a magazine ceases to exist, it will be removed from your list so that you won’t pay for it.

2.7 How to create a copy of my media list?

When you create a new media list you can save it. After that you can edit it by clicking the pen icon. In the edit mode you can decide to either save the changes you did to the original list, or keep the original list unchanged and save a copy of it with the changes, in addition to the original list. Thanks to this functionality you can keep a master list, which you fine-tune for each press release.

2.8. I found the same magazine under more than one industry; will I pay for more than one distribution?

No. According to its’ content, a magazine can belong to several industries. B2B PRESS calculates only the number of unique media you select. 

3.1. How do I create the text for my press release?

The most convenient way for you is to prepare the text in a separate document and copy- paste it into the tool. Please follow the structure: Headline, summary, body (which can include sub headers), company information, and contact details.

Add relevant contact information

3.2. Do I need to follow a certain work order?

No,you are free to choose the order in which you create your press release. You can start with any of the three elements: media list(s), text and picture(s)

3.3. Can I send my text in only one language?

According to your selected media, you may have to create several language versions of your press release. You can see the required languages listed in the media lists you have selected.

It is recommended to provide the text in the magazines’ native language to improve the chances of publication for your press release. If you need any help, we can assist you with the translation of your press release, please read below for details. 

If you do not wish to translate your text, you can select the according language template and insert the text in English or another suitable language. Please make sure to have also the picture captions in the corresponding languages. 

3.4. Where can I get help to write/edit/translate my press release?

We got you covered! If you need any help for writing, editing or translating of your press release, please contact /INS-Industrial News Service at services@ins.fi. An extensive network of experienced journalists and a media team is always at your service.

3.5. Is the writing/editing/translation of my text included in the price?

Each additional service is quoted separately based on your needs.

3.6 Can I combine two text documents? Can I have the languages in separate documents?

No, you can create or select only one text for each press release. Different languages must be included as separate tabs in that one document.


4.1. How does the media receive my press release?

Your press release is sent via email straight to the inbox of one or several editors of each media in your media list. The editors initially view the low resolution versions of your images but can easily download the high resolution version by clicking on the image.

4.2. Can I trust that 100% of the media will receive the material?

Our team monitors the email traffic. Bounced emails are checked and the press release resent without delay, latest within three business days.

4.3. I have difficulties to find relevant media. / I think it is complicated to create a media list. What can I do?

If you have any difficulties, please contact /INS- Industrial News Service at services@ins.fi. The experienced /INS media team will handle the distribution of your press release. 

You can find more information about their services at http://industrialnewsservice.com/.

5.1. Why do I choose several time zones?

You may want your press release to arrive at a certain time. To achieve that, you can select different publication times for different language versions.If you want your press release in English to arrive in the UK at 10 am local time and in New York at 10 am local time, you will have to create two separate press releases as the timing is tied to each language version.

5.2. What happens if the time I have defined for the publication passes before I have paid?

Your press release will be published as soon as the payment has taken place.

5.3. What happens if I had returned to edit mode when I had already scheduled the publication, paid, and the publication time had passed?

The version you had saved before the publication time went by was published and distributed.

5.4. Can I trust that the media outlets will publish my material?

It is always the decision of the editors to publish unsolicited material completely, partly, a version of it, or not at all. B2B PRESS cannot influence their decision.

5.5. What can I do to increase the probability that my material gets published?

Well written, newsworthy material without marketing jargon that is targeted to relevant media outlets is interesting for the editor. Please refer to our guidelines on the how to page to learn more.

5.6. How can I know what magazines have published my press release?

B2B PRESS focuses on the distribution of press releases and articles to trade media. The media is partly printed magazines and partly on-line websites and newsletters. A big part of trade media is still on paper, therefore media monitoring requires special processes and tools, which are not included in this service.

6.1. I do not have a credit card, how can I use the service? I do not want to use PayPal or credit card, what are my options?

You can request to be invoiced by selecting that option on the registration page, or later on the My Profile page. Latest on the third day after submitting your request you will get an email confirmation.

6.2. Can I trust that my credit card details are not misused?

B2B PRESS uses PayPal, which is a widely used service for money transactions on the internet thanks to its security. Read more at https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security

If you use a computer that many people have access to, please make sure to empty the cache. Please see instructions at http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cache.